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A Docker cluster construction utility.

DryDock takes a simple (YAML) specification file then can construct and configure a cluster of Docker containers. DryDock will automatically setup a reverse proxy, exposure of ports, and even persistent storage to allow for easy future upgrading by simply rebuilding the DryDock specification!


  • Simple YAML configuration.
  • Automatic Docker cluster provisioning/configuration
  • Nginx reverse proxy configuration with HTTPS/SSL support
  • Easy setup for persistent volumes.
  • Share your DryDock specifications with the world.
  • Container supervisor utilizing the Docker API.


  • Provide a better update path, specific update commands, custom pre-post.
  • Container monitoring, ensure a container is working else reconstruct it.
  • Better support for stateless-ness and volumes
  • Better unittest coverage.
  • Ability to provide a custom docker images repository for master containers.
  • An external facing DNS server or config generation.
  • Control over a master container cluster, Drydock as a Service?.
  • Web interface for control, logging and monitoring. Far future.


If you have any suggestions or questions about DryDock feel free to email me at nekroze@eturnilnetwork.com.

If you encounter any errors or problems with DryDock, please let me know! Open an Issue at the GitHub http://github.com/Nekroze/drydock main repository.