0.6.11 (10-08-2014)

  • Fixed: Improved environment variable handling

0.6.12 (19-06-2014)

  • Changed: increased nginx upload limit for flexability

0.6.10 (19-06-2014)

  • Changed: pass /etc/localtime to containers rather then /etc/timezone

0.6.9 (18-06-2014)

  • Added: supervise now prints out each system command before calling it.

0.6.8 (14-06-2014)

  • Fixed: ssl key generation commands now work and produce strong keys.

0.6.7 (14-06-2014)

  • Removed: prepare no longer constructs base containers.

0.6.6 (14-04-2014)

  • Fixed: Missing semicolon line ending for nginx https.

0.6.5 (14-04-2014)

  • Added: Full options to start and supervise to allow for custom dns settings.

0.6.4 (31-03-2014)

  • Changed: Altered the HTTPS/SSL reverse proxy config to hopefully work.

0.6.3 (23-03-2014)

  • Fix: stale NFS file handles should no longer crash the supervisor.

0.6.2 (18-03-2014)

  • Fix: remove conflicting args for containers -d and --rm.

0.6.1 (17-03-2014)

  • Fix: detect networking before running supervise.

0.6.0 (17-03-2014)

  • Changed: supervise now prepares and constructs all containers for a

DryDock cluster and will re-create them on failure. * Changed: After running master two command will be provided, one to pull all required images and first time setup, another to run the DryDock cluster.

0.5.15 (17-03-2014)

  • Removed: got rid of master containers constructing special images.
  • Changed: the master command just prepares the files and gives you a run

command for the master. * Added: a volume map from the internal cluster containers based on FQDN and the master containers /var/lib/{name} persistance directory.

0.5.14 (17-03-2014)

  • Changed: supervise will no longer reconstruct nginx at start.
  • Changed: moved full master and cluster container construction to

construction of master image not first time run run. * Changed: master images will now have -master appended to the end of their name * Changed: master images will now be named based on the specification name not domain, as will their location in /var/lib/... * Fix: Attempted to provide a better final run command for the master image.

0.5.13 (17-03-2014)

  • Changed: only construct master cluster when supervising.

0.5.12 (17-03-2014)

  • Added: new master container scripts to manage drydock cluster.

0.5.11 (16-03-2014)

  • Fix: disabled nginx event config.

0.5.10 (16-03-2014)

  • Fix: properly wrap final master command in qoutes for bash.

0.5.9 (16-03-2014)

  • Fix: each image only gets pulled once via the pull command.
  • Fix: more specific nginx config for use with skydock.

0.5.8 (16-03-2014)

  • Changed: The shared data directory to map

/var/lib/{domain}/drydock/data to the containers /mnt/data. * Added: Shared data container now works for master containers.

0.5.7 (16-03-2014)

  • Changed: Moved master container prepare to first time run.

0.5.6 (16-03-2014)

  • Fix: only create nginx configs where needed.

0.5.5 (16-03-2014)

  • Changed: master containers only pull on creation and will construct at

first run.

0.5.4 (16-03-2014)

  • Fix: volume mapped master containers drydock volume for persistance.

0.5.3 (16-03-2014)

  • Added: display of final master container run command to end user.

0.5.2 (16-03-2014)

  • Fix: master containers nginx sites are now read write.

0.5.1 (15-03-2014)

  • Added: Customize your network interfaces, ips, and dns from cli.
  • Fix: cleaned up template storage to allow manipulation.

0.5.0 (15-03-2014)

This release has a major emphasis on the master command and containers and is released early to facilitate testing.

  • Changed: master command now takes a specification to automatically

build it. * Removed: any usage of supervisord in favor of the new drydock supervisor.

0.4.3 (12-03-2014)

  • Fix: use --name for naming containers for future proofing.
  • Fix: use --dns for future proofing.

0.4.2 (11-03-2014)

  • Fix: allow self connections to the host when nginx blocks external.

0.4.1 (09-03-2014)

  • Fix: check for config files before removing them.
  • Fix: supervise command will now recreate the nginx container each run.

0.4.0 (08-03-2014)

  • Added: supervise command line command. DryDock has its own supervisor!
  • Added: start and stop command line commands.
  • Added: data in subcontainer specification maps volumes at

/mnt/drydock. * Fix: All containers are passed their FQDN as their hostname * Fix: pull command also grabs the containers required for the prepare command. * Fix: Pass host timezone to subcontainers. * Fix: volumes now go map to /var/lib/{domain}/{name}/.

0.3.0 (28-02-2014)

  • Added: reports at the end of running all the major commands.
  • Added: envs to specification for environment variable definitions.
  • Added: command to specification for run command definition.
  • Added: pull command to download all images required for the

specification. * Added specification to specification for external specification links.

0.2.0 (25-02-2014)

  • Added: supervisor config writing is now an option.
  • Added: deconstruct command to remove a specification.

0.1.0 (25-02-2014)

  • First release on PyPI.